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Best private loan 2019 is a site where we try to find the best private loan right now and we do this with the help of our visitors. We are trying to get the best private loan together with our over 500,000 visitors by using our very unique data that we are sitting on after having one of Sweden’s largest financial blogs since 2010 when we started. This has meant that we can see which loans are most popular with our visitors right now. And what rating and ratings these loans are currently receiving.

Are you thinking about taking a private loan and want to compare to find the lowest interest rate possible? Then you can use our best in the test of private loans you find above. There you currently see top 2 and you can easily fold out the best in the test and see more options. Either you compare yourself or you have a loan broker in the list compare for you.

It is a unsecured loan

It is a unsecured loan

A loan without collateral is thus a loan where you do not leave anything in collateral to get the money into your account. The only thing they do is take a credit report to find out if you can repay the loan or not. There is no loan without credit information.

However, you usually need a fixed income to be able to take out a loan without collateral. A loan broker can be a smart thing to use. Read more about it below. It is important that you know that you can compare for free.

Low interest rate private loans


Low interest rate private loans? How to find it? In this guide, we thought about tips on how to get cheaper loans. And we have done this by making a list of 3 different steps. So you should be able to get cheaper interest rates after taking these. Hopefully.

And everyone wants lower interest rates? So read this and see if you have the opportunity to cut your costs and spend the money on something more fun than giving them to the bank. The first and best tip is to simply compare. And when you do, you compare even more. Unfortunately, it is very different between different banks and lenders, and it is then necessary to compare really a lot to find the loan that is cheaper.

Private loans compare interest rates

Private loans compare interest rates

How to compare interest rates on private loans most easily? Today, private loans are most easily compared with a loan broker. You can compare up to 25 banks and lenders with just one application and one UC. That is really good. If you had instead chosen to compare these yourself with one application per bank and lender, then you would have had to write 25 applications. In addition, you would have received 25 credit reports and probably 24 of these would be from UC.

And the more UC you have, the more difficult it can be to borrow money and in addition the interest rate can be much higher if you have too many UC. Therefore, a mortgage broker is preferable if you are going to take a private loan. This is probably also why many loan intermediaries top our top list of loans above where you can see where our visitors choose to borrow money most often when they take out a private loan. Under the private loan guide, we collect everything we have written about this. So if you are planning to borrow money with unsecured loans then you can look in there and see what you should think about when to borrow.