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Sometimes you would like to buy something, but you do not have the necessary change for the purchase. Fortunately, there are nowadays costs on account . Stores like Media Markt and Amazon offer this option, so you can now order online and pay later. So you also have the opportunity to test or put on the ordered product before you actually buy it. We’ll list a few web shops where you can pay with buy on account and present our alternative.


Buy on account, how does it work?


 Buy on account, how does it work?


Buying on account is in the sense of buying products in a store on Rechnng. The invoice should be paid within 14 days of receipt of the invoice / product. This is not only practical because you can test or buy the purchase, but also because you do not have to pay for it right away. If you do not pay back within the specified 14 days, extra costs may be charged to you. There is also a credit limit in this regard, which you have to keep to. For new customers, this limit is slightly lower, but once you have been a customer for some time (for example, Amazon), you get more credit. New customers can buy up to € 100 on account, already established customers receive a higher credit. The limit is determined by the product itself, the credit score and the repayment behavior. If you always repay on time, everything is fine and you can always order on invoice.


Where can you order on invoice?


Where can you order on invoice?

There are various web shops where you can order on invoice. We have listed the best online shops for you where you can order almost for free on invoice.



Amazon is the largest online store in the world. Here you will find everything: from books to game computers. At Amazon you can order from just € 100 on invoice. Would it be the first order for you? Then automatically a maximum of 100 € is set here. The cost of being able to buy on account is € 1.50. The shipping costs are free from 20 €. After receiving your order, the invoice should be settled. Are you dissatisfied with your purchase? Then you can cancel your purchase within 30 days. For orders over 40 €, the return is free.

Media Markt

At MediaMarkt you will find everything electrical round and for the house. You will find here the best deals for a new laptop or a new TV. Thanks to Klarna – purchase on account you can order at Mediamarkt on account. Once you have opted for this payment option, you will receive the invoice by email. If you can not make it to pay within the 14 days, then you can extend the period by 10 days via Klarna.


Otto is the online webshop for clothing, shoes, electronics and household appliances. You can buy a lot of products here on account. Even with Otto you have the 14-day period to settle your bill. Otto can also pay back in installments. For this, corresponding interest will be charged. If you would like to know more about buying on account at Otto, then visit the website for more information / options.


Our alternative instead of buying on account


 Our alternative instead of buying on account

Buying on account is very convenient, but there is another alternative: the mini loan. A mini loan from Miss Havisham gives you the opportunity to borrow extra money so you can buy your desired product directly. You can choose how much you want to borrow and when to pay it back. We offer you terms of 15 days, 30 or even 60 days. This gives you more freedom in the time it takes to repay the amount. You can apply for a loan from 100 euros to 600 euros . Thanks to our low interest rate of 7.95% per year, we are also still Germany’s cheapest provider for mini and small loans. Your contract was signed before 13.00? Then you can still get your money today, because with our Superdeal you have the opportunity to receive your desired amount at the latest on the next working day in your account.

Advantages of mini loan

  • Determine duration and amount itself
  • Making power on account superfluous
  • Money is fast in your account
  • Miss Havisham is Germany’s best value for money
  • 98% of our customers recommend us


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