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Do you need extra money, but you have a negative message with the Schufa? This can be very annoying if you have to pay a heavy bill, for example: a car repair or a telephone bill. We at Nick Carraway understand this and can help you with a loan without Schufa : our mini loan. At Nick Carraway you can apply for a mini loan of up to € 600 with a duration of 15, 30 or 60 days. Credit with Schufa entry is no problem!

What is the Schufa?


 What is the Schufa?


The Schufa is Germany’s largest credit information center. Almost every German is registered with the Schufa. If you have a Schufa entry this should not be a problem, but a negative Schufa entry can cause problems. A negative message may mean that you are in arrears. If you want to apply for a loan, the bank can reject your loan request based on this message. Do you have no payment arrears? Then you could also get a message through a discretionary credit, holding a credit card, or a loan in transit or some other form of loan. To find out what information is reported at Schufa, it is best to apply for an online survey at Schufa. You can apply for this once a year for free. Do you need extra money, but have a negative Schufa entry? Then a loan without Schufa is your solution.


Credit without Schufa: mini loan 


Credit without Schufa: mini loan with Nick CarrawayCredit without Schufa: mini loan with Nick Carraway


Do you need extra money, but do you have a negative Schufa entry? A loan without Schufa is the solution to your problem. For a loan without Schufa, your Schufa.Score is not important. Some lenders are not soliciting Schufa information. With Nick Carraway, you can also request a mini loan with a message. At Nick Carraway there are mini-loans of 100 to 600 euros with a duration of 15, 30 or 60 days and at a favorable interest rate of currently 7.95% effectively.
Applying for a mini loan from Nick Carraway is very easy. On our website you can choose an amount and a term. You can see directly how much you have to pay at the end of the term. If you have clicked on ‘Apply for a mini loan’, all you need to do is fill in our request form. After approval, your credit will be transferred to your account in 7 working days.


Do you have more questions?


Credit without Schufa: mini loan with Nick Carraway

Do not hesitate and call us on 069 – 1200 666 50 . You can reach our customer service team from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:30.

The advantages

  • SCHUFA entry? No barrier!
  • Low interest rates of 7.95% effective
  • credit without
  • Morning money in your account
  • Without advance payment
  • 5 days a week accessible