At D’Artagnan we understand better than anyone else that sometimes you need a little more money. We offer you the possibility to borrow more money quickly and easily, from 100 Euro to 600 Euro. In 30 days, you can easily pay back your small loan.

The benefits of money borrow at D’Artagnan

  • Cheapest loan offer
  • 24/7 loan payment
  • Schufaneutral Small loan applied for
  • Flexible and short terms
  • In 2 installments is possible
  • And without pre-payment and handling fee

Are you looking for a cheap way to borrow extra money? Then you are in the right place at D’Artagnan, Germany’s cheapest provider of mini and small loans. Small loan is less risky compared to other loans like installment loan and credit line. This is because you only borrow a small amount for a shorter period of time. These borrowing costs remain low and you can easily pay back in 30 days.


For more information about our fees, visit our Fees page. Here you will find a detailed overview of all costs.


Loans up to 600 euros with short maturities and small loans


 Temporarily suffered a financial setback? With a small loan from D’Artagnan this need not be a problem anymore. We think it is very important that you can borrow from us without any problems. So our fees are transparent and you do not have to worry about hidden costs. Our small loans are without any processing fee or commission . You only have to pay the interest according to the effective annual interest of 7.95%. The cheapest interest rates of Germany for mini loans and small loans.

Is it possible to pay back a small loan in installments?


 Is it possible to pay back a small loan in installments?


Recently D’Artagnan made it possible to repay your small loan in 60 days. Thanks to our 2-rate payment service, you can repay your loan in two equal installments of 30 days. So you can decide how to repay your loan.


What conditions do I have to meet for an online microcredit?


 What conditions do I have to meet for an online microcredit?

Borrow money from D’Artagnan on our website. In order to qualify for a microcredit you must meet the following basic conditions.

  • the minimum age is 18 years
  • the permanent, registered residence is in Germany
  • There is a monthly, stable income of at least 700 euros net

Can I apply for a small loan without Schufa?


At D’Artagnan, we think it’s important that our clients borrow responsibly. Nevertheless, if you apply for a microcredit , we will not just ask for your Schufa score or credit rating. But also, for example, according to your proof of income. If you have a fixed income with a minimum of 700 euros net per month, it is possible to qualify for a loan from D’Artagnan. This gives everyone (over 18 years), even people with low or negative Schufa score the opportunity to apply for a loan. Would you like to know more about lending money with Schufa? Then read our article “Borrow money with Schufa entry”